It's In There Somewhere

by David Thomas Broughton

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Circle Is Never Complete, Negativity, Gracefully Silent, I Don't Want To Believe You, The Heart You Don't Look Out For, Ain't Got No Sole, Why Are You Not Here, So Much Sin To Forgive, Look What I Have Done.
At home in Otley, West Yorkshire, UK, a four-track or direct to cassette tape or mini-disc.
One Day.
At home in Hyde Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK, direct to computer.
Live at Holy Trinity Church, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.
Interlude 1, Interlude 2.
At home in Manchester, Lancashire, UK, direct to computer.


released February 5, 2007

Collated and mastered with the help of Ross at Ghosttown Studios in Leeds in 2006.
Released on Birdwar Records



all rights reserved


David Thomas Broughton UK

Acclaimed live performer. Creating poignant endurance tests for his audiences. Recordings exploring the awkwardness of human existence.


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Track Name: Circle is Never Complete
There once was a pain on this Earthly crust,
The cause of my own consternation,
Passioned by leaving the one true love,
In a far part of this nation.
There still is a pain in this chest of mine
Pulsating and aching so deep.
Beneath the fire of my open wounds
Bleed tears a-fore I go to sleep.
Like all winds blow in adversity
The circle is never complete.
Track Name: I Don't Want to Belive You
I don’t want to believe you, it’s probably eyes that break the disguise.
I call you baby, and throw stones in the water,
Standing in the car-park looking at the cars parked,
Or in the mirror, can’t stand to be stared at
It’s only eyes and you knew the disguise so it’s perfect,
Only wishing is stupid,
Can’t control where the dice may roll
But I found it, behind some memory or something,
Too much time spent on passion crime, where did it falter, stood at the alter,
Break my face to move apace up to that winter,
Knocking on the stone wall,
Call me a failure and maybe I’ll mail you a letter
To tell you I’m lonely,
It’s only eyes, break the disguise.
Track Name: Ain't Got No Sole
I went down to the swollen river, I had no fear of drowning,
I peeped over the bridges barrier, into swirling chocolate brown,
I went down the banks so slimy, look how it does eddy,
I grabbed the nearest branch right by me for myself to steady,
Held my head in my two hands, I felt I was now ready,
Had a little clarity pang I lost all my sense of dread,
I have no reason to return.
Submerged in water up to my waist now my mind revolves in my head,
lost my balance my ankle I did twist, my fingers frozen red.
I felt like one of those mental bastards, I lost my shoe.
How I’ve fooled all my associates, how I loved that shoe,
But it has no reason to return.
Track Name: Why Are You Not Here?
Your lambasting of the way that I am to the extent…
One retort being that I am simply a second rate event,
And I expel all reason in the next thing I said,
Well thats how it was read,
Your disciplined mind I hasten to add, is all in your head.
You found time to berate the simplicities of what I thought,
Expecting resentment I took you aback with my next exhort.
Remember you said, that the way that I think just isn’t right?
Well, if you’re so right then why are you not here?
When all that I want is for you to be here.
Track Name: Nature
I’m going to look through end of this telescope, such is the nature of a fool.
I’m going to charge through this china shop, such is the nature of a bull.
I’m going to broaden my horizons, such is the nature of aims.
(But) I’m going lose myself with you, going against my idea of change.
I’m going to drink until I stink, such is the nature of a drunk,
(And) I’m going to stay underneath for a while now, such is the nature of the sunk.
Track Name: One Day
Light of my life, don’t fade.
I wish sometimes I was a lonely boy,
I would never have to live with the fear,
That one day, you may go.
Track Name: So Much Sin To Forgive
If you touch your finger
With your other finger
When you’re not a hundred per cent
Then you will be feeling yourself again.
You don’t turn over
Like I don’t turn over,
Because of tension I guess,
I didn’t make you happy tonight.
I need the doe,
And the doe needs me,
In a herd of love and trust
I am a stag of complacency.
God loves a murderer,
Because there is so much sin to forgive.
Track Name: Look What I Have Done
I will never forget the love we’ve made,
Look what I have done.
I’ll be the soldier that has nothing to fight,
I’ll be the knife that has nothing to slice, and
I’ll be the wrong that has nothing to right,
I’ll be the cow that has nothing to feed,
I’ll be the letter that has nothing to bleed, and
I’ll be the penis that has nothing to seed,
I’ll be the eyes that have nowhere to look,
I’ll be the pot that has nothing to cook, and
I’ll be the sticker with nowhere to get stuck.
Throw my clothes into the ebbing tide,
Press my lips up against yours tonight.