by David Thomas Broughton

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Released on Brainlove Records in 2010, this album was a long awaited full album consolidating a number of songs David had been playing live for a few years. Those dedicated few may recognise early tunes, 'Nature' and 'Ain't Got No Sole' which had previous incarnations in the early home recordings collection "It's In There Somewhere". Snatching the odd hour or so where they could over the course of 2009, David and Andy Ramsey at Press Play Studios worked in a collaborative capacity bringing concise structure to some tunes and allowing the single take approach to remain in many cases, albeit multi tracking to provide a production quality unknown to most avid DTB followers.


released October 1, 2011

Jonny Bridgwood on double bass and slight guitar.
Howard Monk on drums.
Martha Supajirawatanon, Alwin Fernandez and James Grant on backing vocals (Joke).
Andy Ramsay on claps and clavinet .
David all else.
Recorded by Andy Ramsay at Press Play Studios.
Mastered by Oli Horton at Dreamtrak.
With special thanks to Nacho Valle.



all rights reserved


David Thomas Broughton UK

Acclaimed live performer. Creating poignant endurance tests for his audiences. Recordings exploring the awkwardness of human existence.


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Track Name: River Lay
a river of love flows through the valley of my heart,
and it floods my guts with fear,
although the words are soft and clear,
they will never bridge the widening divide,
despite the generosity of your allies,
but like the reeds they dampen the blow,

and you you can waste your life on the banks of the river lay,
but it won't mean much if you don't have something to say,
and you can walk with the others but you wont go the same way
Track Name: Apologies
thinking as I do, as the light touches your face,
wishing that I could ever be so gentle,
meaning not to offend, I fell into a sleep,
knowing hypocrites are always going to be,

sleep my darling, sleep my darling,
how I love you with such just,

we have half-life enough to sustain us through the rough,
clashes and defence of all we have done wrong,
hoping there is a whole where the half used to be,

I tried all night to set your body on fire,

apologies if I ever acted lazily,
apologies if you had to kick me in the side,
apologies too if ever there was any doubt,
apologies again if ever I was lazy,

I weave the gold back into straw,
how I love you like I loved you before
Track Name: Nature
I'm going to look through end of this telescope,
such is the nature of a fool.
I'm going to charge through this china shop,
such is the nature of a bull.
I'm going to broaden my horizons,
such is the nature of aims.
but I'm going lose myself with you,
going against my idea of change.
I'm going to drink until I stink,
such is the nature of a drunk,
and I'm going to stay underneath for a while now,
such is the nature of the sunk
Track Name: Perfect Louse
oh for the lengths I have had to go
and the further pains of my expression,
I want you to expect that they play to you virtues,
and that you hold over them a considerable advantage,
but like the muck-peddler I have devised the ruin of your purity,
and like the rough-shodder I have trampled your good name,
I am a perfect louse I bleed the goodness from your body,
to think I thought I could change
and oh to believe such piffle,
I long never to rest in the tomb of my family,
or be hoist to the wind
may I be scattered here with you
Track Name: Potential Of Our Progeny
we should never underestimate the potential of our progeny,
with your brains and my looks,
with my ifs and your buts,
with your common sense and my brute force,
our rabid intentions and failed discourse,
a last ditch attempt to reconcile it all,
with your consolation and my content-
ment... all of these things,
I meant all of those things,
I peppered my own fear with face,
and I wilfully gave in
I gave into your will although it hurts me so
Track Name: Staying True
my body is so crap at staying true,
to my will and the way I'd like to be,
my father's fist is a brick in my heart,
as my face speckled with hormones,
my mouth closed in retreat,
I mistreated my poor bones and felt the warm hand of defeat,
a tip-tap of the finger a heavy drop of the sigh,
I though then I held back the shutting shut of an eye

scars on my body are testing the value of time,
but I am a grown man and to touch is a personal crime,
it never gets easy the sense and the tension compete,
as a grown man I'm useless, oh but I'm driven by the fear
Track Name: Electricity
might have come to express myself
so let's go somewhere we can really talk,
I'll end up cooking up some
false denial of my apathy,
maybe I'm pretentious if
I expect these words to have a little twist,
I would've been much better if
I had a little mind to be somehow supportive,
I'm sorry to all those folks
I could've been quite good friends with,
it's not like I said stuff when I was drunk,
you know I just can't work out what my problem is,
I'm surprised my logic didn't
spot the mistakes afore I accepted them,
don't you know the electricity
is the fundamental cause of everything,
in the main all that I can glean
is that it is the reason that this world is fucked,
underneath our discrepancies
is a glint of hope and I call this thing love
Track Name: Ain't Got No Sole
I went down to the swollen river,
I had no fear of drowning,
I peeped over the bridges barrier,
into swirling chocolate brown,
I went down the banks so slimy,
look how it does eddy,
I grabbed the nearest branch right by me
for myself to steady,
held my head in my two hands,
I felt I was now ready,
had a little clarity pang
I lost all my sense of dread,

I have no reason to return.

Submerged in water
up to my waist now
my mind revolves in my head,
lost my balance
my ankle I did twist,
my fingers frozen red.
I felt like one of those mental bastards,
I lost my shoe.
How I've fooled all my associates,
how I loved that shoe,

but it has no reason to return
Track Name: Onwards We Trudge
into the well of ideas I never dropped,
off the edge of my better side I popped,
a spell of good weather gave me lightness,
but the gravity it never went away,

and onwards we trudge,

a stronghold we claim, is it a stronghold we've got? is it balls,
the strategy is theoretically right, but is it right? is it balls,
oh my love is gone and my faith is shot and I fall to ground like a corpse,
I lift my arms to the heavens and shout 'want can I do?',

and onwards we trudge
Track Name: Joke
you make me forget what a joke I have become,

for all the flowers that I didn't buy,
for all the songs that I didn't write,
for all the days I could've spent
for all the months we could've shared the rent
for all the dates on which I turned up late and
for all the excuses I could have made,
for all the calls I never made
and all the attention I never paid
for all the gestures bastardised by untruth
and all the brittle promises I made to you
for all the men you might have met
and all the time we cried in secret
for all the weeks we've been apart
and all the times I said that it would start
from here on in
I'm sorry now