Tour EP, Summer 2013

by David Thomas Broughton

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5 tracks recording in the spare room in Pyongyang. roughly mixed by myself. I added some field recordings taken during 2011 in central Pyongyang. Put the thing together to delight a few people during a recent tour in the UK, 2013.


released August 21, 2013

All songs written and performed by David Thomas Broughton, apart from 6. (Don't Leave Me) translated from Brel's original Ne Me Quitte Pas. Field recordings (including track 2) a) captures a group of Korean men in Moranbong Park and some brief chatter from my European companions, and b) loudspeaker in Kim Il Sung Square during practices for Arirang Mass Games.



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David Thomas Broughton UK

Acclaimed live performer. Creating poignant endurance tests for his audiences. Recordings exploring the awkwardness of human existence.


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Track Name: Dreams
There was a war before all of this

When this whole thing blows over we can expect some kind of reward
you and I can have the life of which we'd often thought
never could happen, never could have happened to us

There are dreams I can remember, and dreams I wish I'd had
Like someday I will do something that I deem worthwhile
opportunities which have slipped through my hands
Like collaborations and support slots with some of my favourite bands
Like a collaboration or support slot with the Dirty Three who I often genuinely quote as one of my favourite bands

It's those priceless little gems that fall out of your stupid mouth that make me feel happy that you're mine

at night when I take my sleep I dream of being awake
and of your tender kiss and how we'll make our escape
I suffer these persecutions as I sleep on my last ever night
for I hang by the neck until dead tomorrow for a crime I admit I did commit
these scraps of redemption I claw for are futile pieces of shame
I give my word at least I'm honest oh for some mercy I crave
Track Name: Gulf
there is a gulf that i have opened into which all your trust in me fell
every crime that i am blamed for
every weakness in my bones
every death among the children
every day that i'm alone
i bring to you no autumn joy
the wind it whistles merrily
the leaves are crisp and brown and dry
oh winter, oh winter wont you come on me.
not so fond of talking,
when I left town it was in the storm of an argument
I was a glass-eyed boy
and had cracked the glaze on my doll of china
amazingly, the integrity intact,
the doll still stands, somehow much finer
What I know about this feeling
I knew before i met you
but it's simply that our meeting
has proven all this to be true
Track Name: Disturbance
a rectum of disturbance
the voice of physiology
the plumbing of depths
a worthy endeavour
delight in breaking taboo
faulty to a degree
ongoing and featureless
relentless in it's entirety
a flatness and simple clarity
the tension built from knowledge
a self self self self self self self self self self self self-knowledge

Known to be heavy but often taken lightly
a pen and ink reiteration of some decline
a written word or spoken spur
i left my heart in the home of your hung hopes,
where your hopes were hung in the home where my heart is -
in searching for the truth i was misdirect,
by the sins of bleached memories
friends from the east have covered their ears
in my company they cover their ears
as we further bastardise their already bastard language
in turn they bastardise our already bastard language
Track Name: Hurting
With a push or a shove or a fist in a fury
I waste my friends and I claim my glory
I waste my friends and I waste my lovers
Push them aside for the love of others
My pen's run out and my pencil's broken
I can't write down all the words unspoken
My hands are hurting
My feet are hurting
My eyes are hurting
My ears are hurting
My heat is hurting
my arms are hurting
my legs are hurting
my stomach's hurting
my arse is hurting
my knob is hurting
my tits are hurting
my mouth is hurting
my lips are hurting
my liver's hurting
my heart is hurting