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Crippling Lack

by David Thomas Broughton


Triple LP.

Volume 1: released on Song, by Toad Records (UK) - (all three volumes available)

1. Crippling Lack Pt. 1
2. Beast
3. Words Of Art (feat. Aidan Moffat)
4. Silent Arrow
5. Dots

Volume 2: released on Le Noize Maker Records (FR) - (all three volumes available)

6. River (feat. Sam Amidon (fiddle))
7. Concrete Statement
8. I Close My Eyes

Volume 3: released on Paper Garden Records (US) - (all three volumes available)

9. Crippling Lack Pt. 2
10. Gulf (feat. Jordan Geiger)
11. Beast Without You (feat. Beth Orton)
12. Plunge Of The Dagger (feat. Luke Drozd (voice), Rachael Dadd (clarinet), Ichi (steel drum))

The Crippling Lack project developed over three years with producer Raphaëlle Duquesnoy (Le Noize Maker), after successfully working together for a number of live shows in Lille (see Lille Live Album). The project was a feat of communication, while David was living in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Basic tracks captured in single takes, mid-tour in 2012. It was through email exchanges that developments to the tracks unfolded. Raphaelle brought in accomplished French musicians to add percussion and cello, mixes went back and forth for review, comment and addition.

David, as well as putting in his own parts from a distance, enlisted friends to contribute. Aidan Moffat, Jordan Geiger, Beth Orton, Sam Amidon, Luke Drozd, Rachael Dadd and Ichi, his brother Daniel, and piano parts played by Minjeong, a fellow resident of the expat compound in North Korea.


released June 6, 2016

Amidon, Sam: Violin - recorded in London, UK.
Broughton, Dan: Electric Guitar - recorded in Otley, West Yorkshire, UK.
Couteau, Timothée: Cello - recorded at Le Noize Maker studios, France.
Dadd, Rachael: Clarinet - recorded in Bristol, UK.
Drozd, Luke: Vocal - recorded in London, UK.
Duquesnoy, Raphaëlle: Midi Instruments & Double Bass - recorded at Le Noize Maker studios, France.
Geiger, Jordan: Vocal - recorded in Austin, TX.
Kwon-Brunoni, Minjung: Piano - recorded in Pyongyang, DPRK.
Loufrani, Bastién: Drums - recorded at Le Noize Maker studios, France.
Minné, Olivier: Drums - recorded at Le Noize Maker studios, France.
Moffat, Aidan: Vocal - recorded in Glasgow, UK.
Orton, Beth: Vocal - recorded in London, UK.
Shimasaki, Eiichi: Steel Drum - recorded in Bristol, UK

All songs by David Thomas Broughton. Recorded and mixed by Raphaëlle Duquesnoy at Le Noize Maker studios, Billy Montigny, France. Mastered by Benjamin Joubert, Paris

Thanks mostly to Raphaëlle for her invested time and dedication to this project. Thanks for Matthew at Song, By Toad and Bryan and Heidi at Paper Garden Records for spearheading the thing into pressing and printing.



David Thomas Broughton UK

Acclaimed live performer. Creating poignant endurance tests for his audiences. Recordings exploring the awkwardness of human existence.


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