The Complete Guide To Insufficiency

by David Thomas Broughton

Ambiguity 06:35
how much love can a boy contain in here? how many contradictions can a girl possess up there? these questions are too ambiguous, try to narrow down your search. somethings i know, it's hard. it's easy to forget where you came from if there's no question of your return, such selfishnesses trivialise any tenderness as the coffee commands the torture of my bowels, pronouncing every word with a rigid insensitivity, plus i struggle with the nightshade in my blood. I really shouldn't say it, but i just love what the water does
Execution 08:21
i wouldn't take her to an execution, i wouldn't take her to a live sex show, i wouldn't piss or shit on her would i, because i love her so
i was a soldier in a far off land, the arrow deep in my side, i would return one day my love, to the heaven's we would ride. my body rots while she is weeping, i remain forever sleeping, resting my bones from the daily chores, rest my bones forever more. my body lies in an unmarked grave, my heart remains with the one i love, she's awaiting my return, although i know that will never come. my body rots while she is weeping, i remain forever sleeping, resting my bones on a far off shore, rest my bones forever more. as i decay neath my blanket of earth my heart is yet to be satisfied, a seedling grows on my burial ground, just to wither and die
I try to pressurise the parts of you I'm wanting, try to manipulate your point of view, I wish that you were not going where you're going, everybody's walking over you
tapping and tisking in the corner, slowly cooking in the softness, to have glued my hand in place, a fire burns in my guts and my face screws up in delight... the violation of your body, the pieces they fall into the holes, flakes of skin in my mouth, petals trodden into the carpet. like, the ever-rotating sky, this sentiment carries no weight... to have felt the depths of life, and the drowning shallows of death, the storm of the half-sleep the half-sleeping storm, out of the blackness of incompletion into the politics of inconsequence...


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Recorded in a single take at Wrangthorn Church Hall, Hyde Park, LS6, in 2004. Released by Birdwar Records in 2004 and licensed to Plug Research a year later.

David's debut recording has continued to have something of a cult status. Highly revered by music journalists and musicians, despite remaining distinctly under the radar. It exemplifies David's honest, sparse and naive approach to song structure and performance. Some have noted that the guitar playing echoes primitive guitarists such as John Fahey. The continuous piece brings together classic themes of love and death, weaving contempory experience and traditional song.

Since this recording, David has matured in confidence, voice and stage persona. Bringing together physical performance, visual comedy, beautiful tender music, and spontaneity, to provide a unique and often unnerving experience.


released October 25, 2004

Recorded and mastered by Ross and Simon from Ghosttown Studios. Performed by David Thomas Broughton.


all rights reserved



David Thomas Broughton UK

Acclaimed live performer. Creating poignant endurance tests for his audiences.

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